Tuesday , March 21 2023

Produits containing the placenta humain: Santé Canada pull the alarm sonnette


Santé Canada met at the public's store with the consommation of products containing the placenta humain, a specialist who can present serious risks for health.

The federal minister at the mall rappel that placenta humain is a "biological matériel" and to which title, and will have to contain from infectious agents comme des bactéries or encore des virus of the genus hepatitis or HIV.

Certaines may consume the placenta (traitement à la vapeur, cuisson, deshidratation et encapsulation) to prevent postpartum depression or to accelerate the production of maternal lait. Santé Canada is also open to the elderly who currently has no "proven scientific evidence in the form of benefits to the healthy decline of the placenta humain consommation."

As a matter of fact, considering products that contain the placenta comme des médicaments, Santé Canada rappelle qu'ils is assujettis aux exigencies de la Loi sur les foods et drugs àinsi that Règlement sur les foods et drogues et qu'à ce titre, ye doivent être It was homologous before being able to sell it to Canada.

«Pour ce faire, Santé Canadá doit prealable get des données in the afternoon of innocuity and of their efficacy in vue of soumettre to an exam. Santé Canada at, at this time, has approved a sanitary product containing the human placenta destined for consommation in Canada, "peut-on lire in a communiqué.

Au Québec, the ministry of health has also strongly expressed the intake of the placenta. From juillet 2017, it is required to remiss aux parents who request it at source, selon une directive du ministère.

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