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Prosecutor review in Fortis | Echo


Many BNP Paribas Fortis employees have received a note about paying income tax for 2016. The tax authorities question the calculation of the benefit of the company's car purpose. The Bank converts the State Council.

Business cars have grown BNP Paribas Fortiswhen the bank launched a cafeteria plan in 2012. 6,000 employees chose a company car without a gas card. Therefore, this recovery may be damaged.

Tax adjustment, La Lib announced on Tuesday on its website, aside from the deduction of certain personal contributions Bank employees pay for their company's car (including petrol stomachs). So far, the bank calculated the benefit after deducting personal expenses, but "review initial position ", We've read in an internal communication. The Bank does not want to ask about the matter beyond its walls.

State Council

"Only the opinion of the State Council is that these tax adjustments are applicable or not."

From now on, the administration "he has rejected the deduction of a certain number of contributions and therefore imposes any kind of complementary benefit on the employees ", always according to the bank. What do we use? It's hard to say, the calculation changes according to each case, but it can be linked to it Several hundred euros.

BNP Paribas Fortis "It does not share the view of the tax administration, and therefore has decided to start proceedings before the State Council". Does the latter hear bank arguments? "Only the opinion of the Council of State will be notified that the tax adjustments are applicable or not "CGSLB replied to the brochure on Tuesday in the bank. "This opinion is not suspicious and for some time "Adds liberal unity.


du unions Fulfills the management of this matter, it adds CGSLB. The bank "In this case, it has decided to refrain from participating in financial statements (…) and administrative administrative support (the standard letter, the procedure to be followed, etc.) will be limited"add syndication

"Stronger fiscal bases"

CGSLB adds that it has been a personal contribution to the 2018 car In BNP Paribas Fortis paid units & # 39;This bend point was created by last year's bank. now "These units are not deductible"says syndication She added: "Some leases have become units, we expect that on this occasion the systems are based on stable tax bases … "

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