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Sainz: "Thanks to McLaren, giving me a trusted car"

Carlos Sainz had the chance to get acquainted with his team, while the former driver Toro Rosso and Renault drove the 833-kilometer MCL33 of Abu Dhabi. Remember that the Pirelli bundles wanted to test the 2019 tires and compare those used at the end of the campaign.

"My dream is to go on the first day of the McLaren driver, it's true" says Sainz, who replaced her childhood hero, Fernando Alonso Woking. "When I had finished my first season, the feeling was very good, and I had to say that the day was very easy."

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"Thanks to the team, I was feeling home at the first lap – and when I started yesterday, when I started working on it, I did a lot of tricks today, thanking me, this group gave me a reliable car to this new chapter and to introduce this new car style."

"First on the lap of 150, I was always fun, feeling good and we had the best way to end the season." When I left the race I felt comfortable. Of course, inevitably there are details to improve and adapt to new things, such as bath and driving style, but I was able to adjust and learn the time in the first lap. To know all the new buttons and procedures, it's been great. "

The priority of Sainz will continue with the integration of the British legendary group today. The second is welcomed by the following two players next year: Lando Norris, Formula 2 champion, replaced Stoffel Vandoorne.

"It's been a long time since the last race, knowing a lot about the names and understanding how the car works, and I can not wait for more in this winter's factory to know better and prepare for the best 2019" Sainz concluded.

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