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Samsung announces a 1TB memory chip for Galaxy S10?

Samsung introduces UFS 2.1 to 1TB for internal memory technology for phones. And, in fact, several reports indicate that the Galaxy S10 variant will be the storage capacity.

galaxy s10 storage

Samsung has introduced its new UFS 2.1 internal memory technology, committed to a 1TB storage space for mobile phones, which is twice as costly as the cost model of Galaxy Note 9 with the same size components (11.5mm x 13.0mm). The creator has a secret sequence of 1000 MB / s reading sequences, a sequential writing of 260 MB / s, 860 MB / s and 255 MB / s, 812 MB eufs 2.1 memory, respectively, in 2017.

Galaxy memory for S10 + 1 TB

We knew RAM or older megapixel photo sensors race, now seems to have the right storage space. If most users do not need so much internal memory, some people would be very useful because they keep their photos and videos in high resolution. With 1 TB, it is possible, for example, to save 260 videos in 10 minute definition 4K UHD at 3840 x 2160 pixels. With 64 GB, only 13 of these videos fit.

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South Korean manufacturer says mass production has begun. The group is therefore time to integrate its flash memory into the next move. And that's fine, some reports have announced that a special edition of Galaxy S10 + will have a storage capacity of 1 TB (12 GB of RAM and ceramic back). A compatible 5G S10, even though it is not available in France, can also be sent with a 1 TB internal memory.

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