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Switzerland: AIDS: record of discrimination against patients – Switzerland

The discrimination against HIV and AIDS has been recorded in Switzerland this year. In mid-November 2018, the Swiss AIDS Foundation (ASS) received 122 complaints.

The social security companies (23), private insurance (22) and public health (20). In addition, there were 27 cases in the medical, personal, professional and other fields.

It is more than the total number of cases in 2017, and this occurs in more than the previous years, and this figure has not exceeded almost 90.

The health insurance company refuses an additional ambulatory patient in a therapy that has not been detected by the virus. In another case, the sickness fund denied the benefits of treating HIV sequences.

In these cases, there were also massages and dentists in the care of positive HIV diseases. Graubünden's retirement home has also denied the request of the three elderly caused by the virus.

The SSA judicial advice has successfully intervened several times, it was announced on Tuesday. Legal channels are limited, however, because Switzerland does not contradict discrimination. (Sal / NXP)

Created: 27.11.2018, 16:57

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