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Tears, emotions and greetings … The last team of Yannick Noah was led by the French team

Noah's tears during the Marseilles. – PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP

  • In 2015, he was appointed leader of the French Davis Cup team, Yannick Noahe, retired on Sunday morning at Stade Pierre-Mauroy.
  • Although the Blues victory was over against the Croatian, the captain gave a thrill to say goodbye to Blues.

Due to the special correspondent of Lille,

Rideau. According Davis Cup, the captain of the Blues ends his adventure with the French team. Both events are unrelated, but the symbol is very pleasing to Yannick Noah's opinion on the reform directed by Pique and Kosmos.

History will remember that with the last victory against Croatia and a non-contradictory defeat, he said "thank you and thank you." But, of course, we do not keep these lines when they're typed. After winning the French 2014 Davis Cup team, winning the victorious 91-96 captain, Noah offered a new French tennis coach in 2017, after winning the victory at the same time as the Belgian Villeneuve d & # 39; Ascq.

At the end of a beautiful journey

The tears that came before the double pair won by the pair Mahon / Herbert during Marseilles during Malaga. Today, as the former captain explained, he was unable to cut off his affliction: "This is my first time, things that have been re-created. I thought maybe I sang the last time, such as the public. I thought my mother was very proud of Franco I was named Captain of the Group. Suddenly I thought of Marseillaise and then he got up. "

In spite of the weekend scene, the players wanted to honor Lucas Pouille's voice. "How is it going to summarize three years with Yannick? Great, this is the only word that is now considered. It has been our honor to be part of this group, all the moments to live, good and bad, and I hope that after the failure, we will spend the last good night. When we're there, we'll have dinner with a nice bottle of wine. "

When I realized that he was doing his last press conference, Noah spent a long time talking for about 45 minutes. "The trip was a wonderful experience," he said. I did not expect happiness to be so many times over these three years. I found a new world, tennis has changed in the last 20 years, it is not easy for me to understand all the new codes. But I'm happy, I made new friends. Everything I recall: joy, lots of tears, beautiful moments of life. That group has let my friends leave me very well. "

Yannick's elder brother

This weekend we've seen a lot in the bank and we'll tell you at least one thing: Yannick Noah has not changed. Always watching this impression with a bit of passion that touches all of his player's actions, whenever he has to remodel his troupe. More than one captain, he saw "like a great brother or a father, by age, I gave up all I gave, I think I gave it, and he told me they also gave me a lot."

The captain of the Blues did not stop for the victory against Croatia. What else was there to say? "We've done a lot of things differently, but it's too late, it's a past thing. We did everything we did, but they were stronger, they won us all. That was a very good bar," said the fatalist.

After winning Lucas Pouille Cilic, Thierry Champion, the top boss of the FFT, wanted to greet a man full of eloquence. An excellent speaker, the guide we hear above all.

For three years, I think he has brought us a lot, an excellent speaker. I was with the Fed Cup and I'll tell you when you put on the locker, how can you find the word. There is always plenty of naturalness and richness that says. At the CNE (National Training Center in Paris) when he talked about the integration day, he spoke to young people and their parents, speaking for 15 minutes, but they spent 15 minutes much stronger than my two word hour cone. We would never be deprived. "

"I made tennis"

"Quite honestly, I hope that Yannick will not be too long on his boat, and we will continue to be close to him because we need him," said Champion. There, we will give it some time, but we will discuss it in the near future. No doubt, Noah asked her about her future.

Answer: "I have a good relationship with Thierry and Pierre Cherret, technical director. I do not know if I still give a lot. I offered a different approach, I think we do not have a relatively small country such as ours, which is what I can help in the future I proposed something, but I did tennis. If I come to it, they will be neighborhood associations. The competition is competitive for me, from now on. I have left my life. I have always dreamed of my life, most of which I will try. "

Before leaving the room up and down, Yannick Noah said: "Thank you, honestly, it was solid, it was a pleasant trip. Now I'll leave it in another life. I want to thank all of the French team, I hope that it was a bit more enjoyable than the bad ones. And then, if we go through the street one day, we drink a good beer. Appointment is done.

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