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Test – Rad Rodgers: an old-school platformer efficace

Désormais proposed in "Radical Edition", who introduced new little things, he was called by Rad Rodgers to launch the petite dernière of Nintendo, in an integral edition that will seal the fans of old-school platformers. Explications.

Rappelez-vous, in October 2016, a small independent studio sold to collect a foot plus $ 80,000 South Kickstarter pour financier are an old-school platformer project. Recovered by THQ Nordic, the license to rencontré a certain success with the exit of the first flight, at the point of convaincre the Danish studio plancher sur une integrazione imparcial qui introduit petit quelleques nouveautés …

Première bonne nouvelle: il ne faudra no débourser un seul euro pour acquérir contene you de cette Radical Edition if you are giving déjà jeu de base – et c'est suffisamment rare pour être remarqué.

Twenty-nine years ago, the Radical Edition invited you to be welcomed with new appointments: Duke Nukem, Lo Wang et Cosmo footsteps will be held in place and place the main person. The title is also enriched with a coop mode that allows some enthusiasts to join the adventure. Vu le style de jeu dont il ilici question, and I will add a big plus plus puisque Rad Rodgers is typically like a couple of volonteers. Enfin, where he notices the presence of a mode versus, frankly exciting, but whoever loves him loves him exister.

Pour le reste, contenu du jeu no changé. In my midst of a Mario and a Metal Slug, Rad Rodgers is an old-school vintage platformer who loves nostalgic fiber with colorful environments, a simple scenery but also builds cinematic constructions at the moment of a bande- dessinée.

I've grown up in the direction of a banal artist, I think it is because of the personalization of personalities, its causative humor and fun who gets the gameplay.

Ici, will be the question of setting a 2D plane, flying from one plate to the other and massacre all the opponents in the fight against the help of a huge arsenal. I titre is lorgne volontairemente du côté of a Metal Slug sans pour au préduction d'être aussi elitiste that are model. If he did, he was efficient, where he had reproached the great simplicity of his troops. Celle-ci is largely in line with the catastrophic IA from ennemis, who seem unable to fly, even at a few meters. What's more positive is that the gameplay is nerveux jta mettait clairement enfase sur les affrontements. Plate-shaped sequences are in reverse plutot reussies, with a smart-level design and vertical trestle, and number of secret areas to be decreased.

If you have not done so, you will find Slipgate Studios in the rest of the world, and it's also nice to park, even for an adult. Au premier regard, where it was easily released, just by selling it, I think it would be useful for smaller ones. But what will I do to give you a great deal! The proposed title is a batch of replicas trashy et l'hémoglobine coule à flots. Pour ceux qui souhaiteraient and jouer avec leur progéniture, les développeurs ont songé integre a mode de jeu "pour les enfants", who allows to deactivate the causative blagues et le sang.

Assez court, the title is no longer moins efficace. You used the genre to be sure to find all the secret areas of the levels and register high scores in the mini-games that come together to engage the adventure. Soyons clairs: Rad Rodgers does not know what it's like about the year, but there is no good entertainment between deux parties of Metro Exodus et of Dead or Alive 6. The radical Radical Incomplete of Surcroit Quelques Small additions that rendering it more efficiently than performing the basic version.

Pour le reste, especially from the point of view: the graphic effect is solid, despite a gradual artistic direction inspired, the soundtrack is effective, I'm still in the presence of morceaux épiques – doublages in English, with an amazing qualities, and the title In short, it is finally fine for a "petite production", sell, rappel-le, sous la barre from € 20.


If you are impressed by a person, Slipgate Studios does not have much fun. As part of an old-school platformer and a Metal-Slug like, I've been publishing it on our latitudes by THQ Nordic, I propose a mix of unusual genres. EFFECTIVELY, the title is available except for an atypical universe, they are causative humor and are level-design inspired. The sequences of shoot are all of Achille's heel, the faute in large partie to an I.A. catastrophic If he corrects some of the defaults on the basis, Radical Edition – who introduced a coop mode, a multi-star and guest star mode – is reinvented for the recipe. Rad Rodgers certainly does not know about the year, but he still has no title what the dearest, among the parties of Metro Exodus.

Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition

Les +:

  • A humorous efficace
  • A mobile phone platformer and shoot them up
  • A level-design inspired
  • From charismatic people

Les -:

  • Graphiquemen assez moyen
  • Go very long
  • Trop easy
  • The I.a. catastrophic

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