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The auction rose to 375,000 euros Angele (video)

The auction was 50,000 euros, when it stopped on Saturday morning at Bel RTL. For Télévie, Christian De Paepe and Sophie Pandeville sold the gold record of Angèle. If eight people were fighting for that, they were only two at the end of the race. Then all the ads were amazed.

"Number 2 number 2 will ask you to say something". A number 2, a lady, immediately did. "Yes, we are a couple of lives and always want to have the last word, I'm talking". Emotional humor pushed forward.

The last buyer wanted to give a good message to the audience about 6 to 7 minutes. "The number 1 will tell you that under these conditions, of course, we can keep the auction of 100 bets each time, but we have a great budget, the show would go by. It would not be very enjoyable and quick, so in return, Catherine (bailiff) They do not use their hammer for the time being. What are we and why we're here. (…) The main topic of my message is humility and humility, and on the other hand, thanks to all of Télévea's friends and thanksgiving, of course, about younger people Think about it. This is your fourth time for your golden registers (.) »

After paying tribute to the TV player, Thierry Flemming and Jean-Luc Léonard, after paying tribute to the victims of the two elderly, who had been thrown out of cancer, eventually announced the offer of Angele's gold record. "We wanted to offer € 1,000 from the last Télévie day, 371,000 euros per day."

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