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The condom was no longer treated properly

The condom was no longer treated properly

The use of the condom will not be applied to serodiscordant couples.

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The High Council of Health has given a new opinion of the pair wearing serodiscordant condoms, that is, where a partner is HIV positive and no other, said on Wednesday.

If the contraindicated person receives effective antiretroviral therapy (CART), the use of condoms "is no longer necessary to prevent the transmission of HIV."

The first opinion on this topic was given in 2013. Although consulted with Belgium's leading AIDS reference centers, CSS reviewed its location. "In the last five years, new scientific knowledge has reviewed the timing of our recommendations," says the Council.

In future, CSS recommends that the authorities and the medical work they no longer wear in a serodiscordant pair of condoms continue with a person with positive HIV, "CART treatment follows a state of non-viral (viral load / less than 50 copies viral / ml) and this patient He shows his treatment and medical follow-up.

"The desire to create, improve quality of life, develop sexual life and well-being, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to use a condom used by HIV-serodiscordant partners if" two conditions are met.

However, transmission of other sexually transmitted infections is still possible in sexually defenseless reports, says CSS.

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