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The European Parliament calls Belgium a "tax sponsor"

There are seven European states attached.

TheBelgium and six other European Union Member States have characteristics of tax sponsors and facilitate aggressive tax planning, according to a report from a special committee of the European Parliament on Wednesday."The Belgian government is actively guaranteeing that multinationals do not pay a fair share" commented Kathleen Van Brempt (sp.a) MEP, welcomed the effects of this commission.

> Belgian companies sent a tax havens in 2016 to 129 million

After the revelations of Lux Leaks, Panama Papers, Football Leaks and Paradise Papers, the European Parliament decided in March 2018 to create a special commission for financial crime, tax exemption and tax exemption (TAX3). Twelve months after, the last one approved the final report approved by 34 votes, 4 against and 3 abstentions.

It covers seven European states "Some features" tax sponsor. Belgium is jointly referred to as Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and the Netherlands.

According to Mrs. Van Brempt, this list of non-Belgians present "There is a lot of money in the country, hardly anybody employs companies that employ it, which proves that they use aggressive tax planning by multinational corporations."

Adequate regime

He adds that these practices are boosted by the government, benefiting large companies based on the basic distribution of Belgium funds to take advantage of maximum tax excuses.

In their report, European parliamentarians believe that it is also a strengthening of anti-tax violence. "We need a solid regulation in the European Union to facilitate financial crime and a new European Union Financial Police under Europol." Especially co-reporter Jeppe Kofod (S & D).

The Commission's report has been voted in the plenary of the European Parliament in March.

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