Monday , July 4 2022

The exhibition "Ancient vests" was canceled by the organizers in Brussels


In Belgium

On Friday, the yellow vest held in Brussels and the authorized city were suspended on Monday by the organizers, who called them "important specifications".

"The Brussels legal event has been abolished, the specifications were very important for this event in good conditions," wrote Gary Ducran, a Facebook evening, presenting as a youtube show and presenting this call.

In a video, it was impossible to make a "demand service" and fear of "deviations".

Brussels's town admitted Monday, Friday, far away from European institutions.

Ten days earlier, in France, to protest against the rise of fuel taxes, the movement spread in Wallonia in the southern French language of Belgium, where the "vest" surprised them again and again. The police carried out dozens of arrests.

But the demonstration did not happen in Flandria (north) or capital city.

Gary Ducran, who created a community of fans on the Internet with humorous videos, sent his call to Facebook.

At the Brussels police station on the day of the day in Brussels, he made his way to the parade, AFP confirmed by a police spokesman.

"It will be accepted," said Ilse Van De Keer spokeswoman, who stressed that the organizers "respected the conditions", respecting internal service and respect. route

"We have achieved all the guarantees that we have made," they said, "they also argued in the mayor's (mayor's) cabinet, Philippe Close Socialist.

The city also has the EU capital, and every year it includes "900 events" in its territory, whose claims sometimes have no local character, according to the same source.

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