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The first of our monarchy history: prince Laurent places Charles Michel at the headquarters

Prince Laurent sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Charles Michel last week and the government disarmed the Libyan fund for international crimes, Wednesday they could get a copy of the message RTBF and Vif Express.

A member of the Royal Family has called the prime minister and the whole government for the first time, said the two media. The king's brother believes that the prime minister had to leave his old ASBL, GSDT, to recover money in 2008 in Libya.

A legal fight with the Libyan state

He is in the heart of a legal battle with the Prince of Libya, who wanted to develop a contract for an environmental project. Belgian justice has given almost two cases to Prince Laurent, but Libya is appealing to avoid paying 50 million euros. Letter from January 24 The Belgian government reacts not to the repetition of the princes of the Belgian princes to help them recover money.

"Once again, you do not leave another option"

In his letter, the king's brother Charles Michel does not want to "He is no longer patient with his problems" and warns: "Again, I do not give you an alternative to the one who thinks the rights of the litigants are completely used, and therefore wants to invite the government and, insofar as is necessary, to make efforts to obtain Libyan officials, win the resolution of the Supreme Court 2014 a commitment to the non-profit organization and its reporting. "

"The law is the same for everyone," said Charles Michel

"The law is the same for everyone and the courts that apply to it"On Wednesday, Prime Minister Charles Michel told Laurentin, in response to a letter from the prince, to execute a judicial decision.

In this letter, the king's brother means "discrimination" and, in particular, he is led by foreign minister Didier Reynders.

The Prince, in vain, will try for a few years to execute a court in Appeal for the 2014 Brussels Court, in a file that the State makes in Libya. He would pay special Libyan funds in Belgium, due to international penalties, but the Belgians did not meet the request. However, in 2012, Belgium admitted an interest in these funds. The United Nations decided to make an appeal in September last year.

"Regardless of the way in which Belgian oversight stores are managed, it seems that my GSDT association is subject to a normal deviation." She denounces Laurent. The prince therefore asks the government to execute the decision of the judgment given in his hands "To make the effort to obtain the Libyan officials for execution of the Supreme Court resolution".

"Implementation of UN resolutions"

"The Belgian States must apply the United Nations resolutions and applicable direct regulations", The prime minister responds that previous lawmakers at the end of 2015 and at the beginning of 2016 were informed of this situation. Since then, this situation has not changed. The Prime Minister refers to the legal opinion of FPS for Foreign Affairs, judgments made after the 2011 fund-raising fund can not be subsidized. However, the prince is an appeals for 2014. As for the opinion of the prince about the professors' opinions, as Mr Michel says, "they stop (…) giving enough legal basis" by allowing it to be dissolved. The European Commission has also contacted, confirming the position of the Belgian administration. "Accordingly, the Prime Minister wants to remember the principle of separation of powers and the rule of law, the law is the same for all, the courts and tribunals that apply the law," he concludes.

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