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The objective of the ATLAS project is to reduce HIV / AIDS death (director).

Dakar, France, January 30 (APS) – The ATLAS (Personal Data Protection Free) project was launched in Dakar to reduce AIDS death in the Ivory Coast of the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal, Solthis NGO and IRD, the Institute for Development Research under a consortium

"The ATLAS project aims to reduce the death rate associated with AIDS virus, free of its status, to reduce the death of sovereignty in three countries, Côte d'Ivoire, Mali, and Senegal," said director Clemence Doumenc Aidara.

From this point of view, an automatic test of HIV will be distributed, a diagnostic tool approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), included in the project's start ceremony.

The self-test is done from an oral fluid or from the blood of a piece of finger, for example, in its own private state.

"Clénence Doumenc Aïdara said that" it is a tool that responds to the needs of the population, "which is precisely its own reality, its identity, the stigmatization problem, anxiety and the care of people in charge of it.

The interested party, even aware of the dangerous categories, "do not go to a health facility," said the self-concept, "allows people who are stigmatized to respect this confidentiality."

"The project is innovative and satisfies the needs of these populations," said the ATLAS project director, developed by a consortium of Solthis NGO and IRD (Research and Development Institute).

"Senegal, Mali and Côte d'Ivoire" works closely with the health ministries and receives support and financing from the international donor of Unitaid.


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