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The onset of gastroenteritis progresses, with four sections above the threshold

In France there is a little bit below the gastroenteritis epidemic threshold, but the great differences remain throughout the country. The four departments are above the epidemic.

From November 19 to 25: "In the case of acute diarrhea seen in the general medical consultation, the epidemic was lower than the estimated threshold of 156 cases in 100,000 inhabitants"said the Sentinel network. The average number of such cases has increased in the previous week (142), but this week it is below the epidemic threshold in 162 cases, for 100,000 inhabitants.

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Once again, Hauts-de-France is influenced by 267 cases of 100,000 inhabitants. Then came Provence-Alpes-Côte-d-Azur (246 cases), the Grand Est region (197) and to a lesser extent Pays de la Loire (177).

This section of the epidemic can be reached nationally next week, although in the first two weeks of January it is a famous summit in general.

The number of cases may vary from one year to the next. French health authorities are referring to the period 2009-2010 and 21 million patients have been identified. In winter, inquiries are distributed between 700,000 and 3,7 million in France.

Note that far away from being talking about a chicken pox epidemic, the disease also affects heterogeneously in 33 countries in the PACan region of France, in the Pays de la Loire or in Corsica.

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