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The problems with access to insulin will worsen

As regards 2030, 2 million people with diabetes, 79 million people, need insulin. A study, however, reveals that half of them get into trouble.

Worldwide, more than 500 million people have been affected by diabetes problems (3.5 million people in France). In these people, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, avoiding body regulation of glucose. In general, insulin injections are required to recover glucose levels. Problem: nobody has access.

Access problems will only worsen

About 33 million people Nowadays they need insulin no treatment access, often expensive. The situation is already very difficult That might be worse.

Based on available data, the researchers have calculated Between 2018 and 2030, the number of people with diabetes in the world would increase between 406 and 511 million. About half a million people, more than half in China (130 million), India (98 million) and in the United States (32 million) live.

Problem: according to the latest research published in the journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology79 million people of these people need insulin with insulin, but half do not have access. People with insulin may have their own type 2 diabetes By 2030 there will be almost 40 million.

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"Better efforts must be made to solve this future health problem"

"These estimates suggest that current insulin access is very scarce according to the projected needs, especially in Africa and Asia, and efforts should be made to address this health problem"Dr. Sanjay Basu at Stanford University in the United States and the main author of the research.

"It is expected that the number of data with diabetes mellitus in the next 12 years increases aging, urbanization and related changes due to diet and physical activity, The researcher continues. If there are no governments that initiate initiatives that are not available and cheaper insulin, the use still is not optimal. ".

Researchers emphasize the need for insulin: expensive and affordable access to poorer countries, to make them cheaper in the coming years so they can have the same access to treatment.

When Is Injections Injected?

A few months ago, a new clinician proposed a simple and pure destruction of the teary membranes of the lower intestines. Idea: let the body create another.

In just over an hour, researchers have been practicing for almost two decades that 50 people with 50 types of diabetes have stabilized blood sugar levels. This shows a link to the development of insulin resistance in the intestinal tract and insulin resistance. In the future phase, there may be two clinical trials.


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