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The researchers found a miracle to cure cancer

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Will cancer die soon? Israeli researchers say they have found no cure for cancer without any effect.

According to the full data, five men and six women will have cancer worldwide, while eight men and eleven women die. According to estimates, nearly 10 million cancer patients were killed in 2018. But the scientists would reduce the death of the Israeli findings in the near future.

Hope brightness

On Monday, January 28, Israeli newspapers The Jerusalem Post predicted that a small group of scientists thought that they had found the first possible cancer. "We believe that we will allow cancer to cure a year," said Dan Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd. (USA) discovery.

No side effects

"Our cancer treatment will go through a few weeks and will be effective from day one. Side effects or minimal side effects will not be available and will be cheaper than most treatments on the market," said Israeli researchers, a generic and personalized "solution" of it. "

In fact, Jerusalem Post explains that MuTaTo can be personalized by this treatment. Each patient will be able to send them to their biopsy lab, to analyze the overexpressing recipients. The patient would receive a personalized and personalized molecule cocktail to heal his illness.

Soon clinical trials

Dr. Ilan Morad, Director of Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies SL, after several in vitro tests, made his first experiment with the mouse. Treatment of human cancer cell growth was inhibited, but did not affect healthy mouse cells. Some laboratories want to start some clinical trials after a few years and the treatment would be available in specific cases.

Indicated statements

Israeli investigations have been criticized by some cancer experts. Dr Ben Neel, a US expert, stated that "this statement was probably part of a long series of false promises, the carelessness of the cancer patients and, ultimately, the most cruel." Dr. Ilan Morad said on Tuesday that he did not justify Justifying in the Israeli newspaper because medical research did not publish, as it was normal, that he had no video, but the results of his pre-clinical trials were "very good".

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