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The roundabouts question Boitsfort


The maintenance of the common stadium would use the old Roundup lane to store tractor's fuel.

On April 10, the president of the local humanist, Hervé Jourquin, was photographed by some of Boitsfort's people. When he passed through the community stadium, the latter was seen on Roundup, herbicide banned in Brussels, three Tilleuls on the ground and the athletics track. "Knowing how to use pesticides in the Brussels Region is a challenge, especially if people think of sport and can inspire the product, if we believe in these cans." Hervé Jourquin commented.

We were directly contacted directly, the mayor of Jean-François De Le Hoye (MR) was certified as a driving force. "We do not use pesticides in Boitsfort for five years, we use old Roundup batteries to keep the gasoline used by the tractor in maintenance."he explained.

In fact, the use of glyphosate has been banned in Brussels in October 2018, but many municipalities have given up for a long time. However, the Brussels Environment (IBGE) continues to monitor compliance with legislation. In 2018, eight checks were made. These photos, unobtrusively, IBGE confirmed the dubious aspect of the content of cans. "It's strange to find cans like gas, and its color is very similar to Roundup"said a member of the Brussels Environmental Immediately. That is why the organization decided to move to a community stadium … Ten days later.

This Thursday, IBGE went to the stadium to keep maintenance services for non-pesticides. "According to the information contained at that time, a Dutch company that maintains synthetic sports fields (steam cleaning, no pesticides according to the manual) would put gas at the top. Roundup content: The company is no longer, our auditors can not confirm the words"explained Katrien Van den Bruel. "Nothing suggests Roundup for maintenance of this stadium"He concluded that the research is still underway.

"No danger to health"

Alfred Bernard, toxicologic reaction: "If the content of these last ones is glyphosate, there is no danger to athletes' health, because pesticides are being thrown to the ground and therefore the riders do not know what they come from. Training on athletics It is important to keep these areas very difficult, but the truth is that the photo When you see them, it's hard to believe it's something else. It's because rounding is the same color and you see something thrown into a tractor. "

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