Saturday , July 2 2022

The statue of Araba, the statue facing Seville



Samuel Bastien, Renaud Emond and Gojko Cimirot should face Sevilla.

In this match against Sevilla, Michel Preud & # 39; homme could have a better core. On Monday, the technicians had stories of Samuel Bastien and Renaud Emond. The first eye starts to slowly decelerate and you can really see it as its focus is when it is not against the German speakers. The second one, who was suffering from the neck, was relieved from his illnesses and should regain his place at the top of the attack. S√©bastien Pocognoli could also be the pick-up, although he must be a specialist in his adductors … in three weeks.

The participation of Gojko Cimirot also seems to be changing. The median came out earlier on Saturday, because it is a knee-thin knee. He could not take part in training during the first week, but on Tuesday he is expected to be in an academy. If so, he will certainly play against Sevilla.

Razvan Marin, an Eupen anti-packet, evaluates day by day, but his situation improved on Sunday night, and Mussa encourages a certain optimism.

As expected, Luis Pedro Cavanda, who had been bothered by a painful shoulder, had to throw himself generous on Monday, and he could not play against the Andalusians to prevent Konstantinos Laifis. leave it.

K. S. and M. F.

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