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The stock of smartphones goes bientôt exploser

The stock of smartphones goes bientôt exploser

The successor of the Galaxy Note 9, Note 10, September 2019, will welcome the newly built warehouse.


The maximum capacity of storage of phones goes bientôt doubler pour atteindre des sommets vertigineux.

The storage capacity is an essential criterion for choosing a new smartphone.

Squeezed into gigabits or gigabytes (GB, Go), this ability determines the number of photos, videos, music and applications that the phone will contain.

Evidently, the montée en puissance du stockage made the addition of grimper. Pour instantly, the ceiling is made at 512 GB. Seuls the très haut models of a beneficial range of a tel fableur traitement.

Coût du Samsung Galaxy Note 9 doté of 512 GB of stock: € 1189. Prix ​​of the iPhone Xs 512 GB: € 1559.

Adding a micro SD 512 GB memory card, the total memory of Note 9 increases to 1 tetrahedron (TB).

More than a month ago, I would have tried to get locked up without a micro SD. Samsung vient en effet de lancer production masse d'un nouvelle puce mémoire pour téléphone … of a memory capacity of 1 térabit.

That's a premiere on the world of smartphone.

«The smartphone fans are looking forward to a similar storage capacity to a premium portable PC, sans devoir de carte mémoire», Samsung is ensconced.

The premier phone number of the fame hero can take you to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, attendu in September 2019.

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