Monday , July 4 2022

The Walking Dead Season 9: Episode 9, when will the series return?


Warning, this article contains spoilers. It is definitely a real renewal that touches on The Walking Dead From the beginning of the 9th season and, above all, the departure of his star, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes). This new chapter, led by Angela Kang, who announced the real reward of the reward, has kept promises. Last night, AMC's The Walking Dead 8 of Season 8 for 8th Season and once again has seduced us! In this Mid-Season Final, In the end, our heroes have found the whispering existence. A particularly bloody encounter, Jesus' death and Daryl, Aaron, Michonne and Co. All that happened between the crash.

When is the return of the series?
When is the return of the series?

He suspected his peak at the end of the Mid-Season final of The Walking Dead. The fate of Jesus seems to last, they will survive forever with Whisperers and this new team will give them great difficulty. As we know, the victims will be many intriguing after Carl and Rick, we're not really ready to say goodbye to new characters. However, we must do this and unfortunately, we must wait several months before the return of the zombie series. this is next February 10th The 9th Season 9 of The Walking Dead will be broadcast in your newspapers!

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