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There is no reason to counteract therapeutic cannabis for the Ethics and Cancer Commission


There is no reason to counteract therapeutic cannabis for the Ethics and Cancer Commission

Mariabis in a cannabis plant, Naundorf, Germany, September 19, 2019, Jan Woitas

The Ethics and Cancer Commission, a consultative body, has not found any reason to complain about the use of cannabis by seriously ill people, but it has not been shown to be strictly proving.

A cancer patient, whose consumption of this product called for complaints of liver and chronic pain and nausea, was asked by the Commission about a therapeutic approach to ethical or non-cannabis prohibition.

The current ban compares "denial of care," said the committee, Axel Kahn, professor of the genetic title and honorary president of the Descartes University in Paris.

Even though the therapeutic effects of cannabis are "not yet enough", the Commission should have ethical reasons for abandoning cannabis use.

"One of these arguments is likely to continue prohibiting the use of counter-consumption," he said.

"In particular, it has not detected any detrimental effects to address serious and dangerous illnesses against adults with severe illnesses, to be sufficiently serious."

But it is advised not to encourage smoking or other types of consumption.

According to the Commission, opinion is available (, to access cannabis or active substances "the health authorities must supervise the patient's necessary quality, concentrations and optimal use of cannabis or the necessary guarantees for active substances."

"This supervision also allows patients to use parallel circuits in addition to" supplying them "and" preventing them from consuming them. "

Cancer Contra Liga is the origin of the Ethics and Cancer Commission, 2008, Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin Health Minister.

An expert commission from ANSM Medecine Agency will give its first conclusions this year at the end of the French access to therapeutic cannabis.

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