Tuesday , January 19 2021

This year's Apple Games service has been launched?

On March 25, with his special speech, Apple will present several new services, including a video subscription service, including Netflix or Apple News Magazines, including its subscription press service. Another principle based on the same principle would also be in the pipes, we learned the first rumor of Cheddar in January: Apple would make a subscription to unlimited access to IOS games.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, in general, is a great source for new iPhone and iPad users this year. Apple could give a lecture on Monday or a WWDC in June; It would be launched, however, it was not immediately planned. Apple Games would be very easy to work: Apple would charge a monthly subscription, take the commission and distribute the rest to the publishers according to a given title depending on the time spent by each player. Logically, paid games would only be included in the service: applications obtained through integrated purchases would be discarded.

Video games

Apple Video, Apple News Magazines and perhaps Apple Games would try to gain another form of Apple Music's cultural assets. Cupertino can launch a global cultural subscription to access all of its services with a small dmatrialiss economy. We need to have an overview of this new strategy on Monday night!

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