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Van Holsbeeck brise le silence sur le scandale Footgate: "Mogi Bayat, c'est Napoléon"


Doux ephémisme is that of affirming that he scandale du Footgate Dry the ensemble des acteurs du ballon rond au sein du royaume from plusieurs semaines déjà.

Dans le cadre de l'émission Tabous dossiers (RTL-TVi), Christophe Deborsu tried to evade this nebulous who was nourished by corruption, match truce, and silver blanchement. Pour ce faire, the journalist of the private chambers attempts to recapture the confessions of the protagonists who are retreating in the première ligne dans this affaire judiciaire toujours en cours et dont the rebondissements if succregan agrégation.

You can tell if it turns you into a breeze. What cell is Gérard Linard, president of the Belgian Union of Football, Johan Verbist, responsible for the arbitration of the federation, is simply referring to the fact that he is liable for this. I received the help of Stefan Van Loock, a press attaché to the Belgian Union, who did not physically interpose to annihilate the attempts by Deborsu. Même constat du côté de Sébastien Delferière who souligne "être sous conditions, I can not explain myself, I'm interdicted to play, " or with Ivan Leko who rests on the subject.

Relieved for the justice belge sous condition et paying paying € 150,000 in caution, Mogi Bayat remains in the foot of the cyclone. But do you think they're a small boy, Mehdi Bayat, the Managing Director of the Sporting Charleroi? "Mon frère a beaucoup was worried about this situation, he did not understand the great choice of who came to him. When you are here for 20 hours at a cell, you will not be prepared to do it. Il est extrêmement fragile, feasible, … I am sorry to hear that new acquaintances are misconstitutive with an awesome expérience. "

Mehdi Bayat explained the performance of a sales technique, souvent pointée du doigt. "I do not know that César is used by Mogi, but I do not know how bad it is if an agent arrives to sell a player in reporting a silver bonus to a club. "

As for the importance of boites de luxe monte aux yeux de son frère, il répond: "Where I was in a third party in the world from our notre aversion car notre père is a collection of très longue date. New grandparents with great passions: le football et les montres. Je crois that the second part was mise before mauvaise manière. "

"Selon moi, Mogi n'a jamais ensayo de truquer des matches "

Herman Van Holsbeeck a, also, I agreed to move on to the branding dossier. "I forgot to speak, where did I finish thinking that you are the great criminals, " ring the old man of Anderlecht. "I answered all the questions after the inspectors. J'ai été sous sous écoute pendant plusieurs mois. J'ai vécu une perquisition à mon domicile, ce n'est vraiment pas gai pour la famille. Ultimate, I could free myself without reproaching me what I am. "

HVH souligne ensuite le timing des événements dévoiler la mainmise de Mogi Bayat sur le système. "J'ai été licencié le 4 avril 2018 et l'une des premieres décisions de la direction a été suivante: Bayat ne peut plus rentrer à Neerpede. But a few more times later, when Spajić file vers Krasnodar, transfert est opéré by Mogi Bayat. Ensuite, Teodorczyk went to Udinese for 3.5 million euros, again thanks to Mogi. Wadi, c'est 'me, myself et I', c'est Napoléon. Je lui avais préconisé: vivons heureux, vivons cache. But he is victime of his great gueule. Between Mogi et moi, il n'y a jamais rien eu (Ndlr: in terms of fraudulent versions).It's a question of being essayé, comme beaucoup, of payer moins de contributions. But I'm very sorry, and I've never tried a match call. "

Another former director is also trusted by the reportage. Pour Roland Duchâtelet, the former boss of the Standard, and from the soupçons de trucage autour of the title of Anderlecht, lors of the 2013-2014 season, but he does not get rich "rentrer dans les détails". Which Van Holsbeeck replaces: "That's a bit of a shame that frustrated those who were laughing at each other. But for the better, I did more."

Au subject of Mogi Bayat, Duchatelet évoque "a very ambitious guy, but you are more dynamic, I'm going to say hello to Charleroi everywhere. Who is the proprietor of the club Mehdi? », the old president of the register number 16 (NdlR: in a referendum to a financial implication of Mogi au sein du Sporting Charleroi lorsque are brother in repris choses in main au club). From proposing that they refuse Mehdi Bayat firmly: "I have a Commission of Licenses who would have decoubled for a long time now if I had noticed it. Il est interdit interdit de voir un agent de joueur devenir actionnaire de un club de football ".

L'homme d'affaires poursuit et concluded: "I do not want to speak with anybody else … It is easy to do with some arrangements on paper. When I see the symbiosis between the actions of different groups … If you look at the situation of Mogi Bayat who is probably the main owner of Sporting Charleroi, agent of joueur and a payer consultant for Anderlecht … What is unimaginable in Spain or in England! "

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