Friday , August 19 2022

«Where did you see the world» last days at the Bel RTL


The daily debate animated by Patrick Weber on the screen shot in Janvier. The faute au coût trop élevé de l'émission, surely replaced for a plus entertainment.

AAbout five years on the waves of Bel RTL, the daily debut of Patrick Weber «On Refait le Monde» will be released in Janvier. RTL Belgium, who will confirm the information again, will not be able to date.

From Monday to Friday, between 18:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. 30, Patrick Weber et ses chroniqueurs taking part in a debate on current affairs, auquel participant invitées et audites. Parmi ces polémistes, where he returned Emmanuelle Praet et Alain Raviart. From here they are arriving on the waves of the generalist station of the group, «On the return of the monde», it is parable to fidelize a certain audience.

Place au divertissement

Pourtant, he gave him daily life for the last moments. Et la raison serait financière. In addition to the payer they are animator, RTL makes you remind the chroniclers and experts present in the studio. As far as the replacement of emission is concerned, mystère rest entier. «Rien n'est prononcé et aucune piste n'est écartée, new RTL répond. More You will be enjoying yourself with a great deal of emission for a maximum of auditors ». But i love

Other media will evoke a new entertainment, more coûteux et plus leger than a debate. Comme replied to Bel RTL's predecessor in September, all the new releases are fun. A new edition of the morning by Bérénice, from société or entretiens meetings with personalities, music, and quest rendezvous informations. Join the grid who will be watching over the news today.

A new project was denied

There is a shuttle service from the rentera. New anniversary in September, the emission "Confidence pour trust" had been presented by Stéphane Pauwels. The problems with justice where RTL is forced to please Sabrina Jacobs at the head of the rendez-vous from 13h. Ensuite, the station announced the arrival of Maria Del Rio, an animatrice on Radio Contact from the years, as a joker by Sandrine Dans.

Concerning «Where did you see the world,» they are also meant to mean that Patrick Weber was retreverait sans emission by Bel RTL. Le journaliste, specialist in history and royal news, will be negotiating with the new director of radio, Erwin Lapraille, for a new project. Visually known from the radio station and other episodes, Patrick Weber has never heard of what he was wearing. In effect, the emergence of a new Roman historical, the journalist launched his own web TV, La Chaîne Patrick Weber. But also the «Club de l'Histoire», which counts a thousand members. Enfin, il prépare are premier one-man-show.

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