Friday , October 18 2019
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Zipcar will have cars together in Brussels

Zipcar announces that its vehicles will be in Brussels until "summer 2019". At least

BFor the new part-user self-employed in Brussels, Zipcar has informed its members of its vehicles "Will be in Brussels until the summer of 2019". At the end of January, Avis's announcement announced that its vehicles would go on shore. Availability extends until summer.

And then? Zipcar reminds «Negotiation with Poppy Platform», The birthplace of Dieter's name in Antwerp. Zipcar determines: "The agreement details are ending, but this means that our members can use 250 vehicles of Zipcar in Brussels next month. In the autumn of 2019 they replaced the Poppy brand".

Scooters and scooters

Poppy CEO Valentin Haarscher affirmed that the details of the transaction were announced in Brussels this summer when Brussels "Belgian auto red companies" arrived. Poppy will be added to his fleet "A few shared scooters and shared scooters in Brussels and Antwerp".

Pascal Smet, who mentioned the release of Poppy, said "It's very nice in Brussels.". For the Brussels Mobility Minister, "International studies show that there is no single solution to mobility, the Poppy multi-vehicle vision is very unique and very interesting."

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