Thursday , January 21 2021

128 Competition: Fortunately, the result of Saturday's Day has been R $ 400,000 (23)

Supporters who want to bet on lucky lottery This Saturday, March 23, you can do this by driving an accredited Lotérico point boxor place an online bet on the Online Lottery site.

Diary Prim found this 128 competition du Lucky day An estimated R $ 400,000.00 offered by the pool, which may be higher or lower, will all depend on the collection of lottery points and will be a bet on the Internet.

There is an explanation for the small amount of this lottery lottery today, Competition 127 The Bahiak Jiquirica wins eight prizes and Lucky Day 127 was a lucrative achievement. This bet will win 1,882,230.10 million euros.

Lucky Day Lottery results this Saturday, March 23

According to the Caixa program, Lucky Day's output will be released at 20:30 (Brasilia time zone), but it should be noted that due to technical problems there may be delays.

02 – 07 – 08 – 15 – 19 – 20 – 22

Lucky Month: may

The publication of the Kutxa Lottery results is made in the official site of the organization and, in Google Snippet, it also announces the results of several sites and Diário Prime Lottery.

  • Check out the latest Lucky Day 127 competition on Thursday (21).

01 05 07 09 17 21 22 Lucky Month: May

Lucky Day / Art: Daily Prime
Lucky Day / Art: Daily Prime

The drawing of the prizes must be 90 days after the date of drawing. After that, the amounts transferred to the National Treasury are transferred to FIES – Funds for Student Funding.

Receiving prizes

You can receive your prize at any accredited lottery house or at Kutxa offices. If net premiums are R $ 1,332.78 (R $ 1,903.98), the payment can only be made to the Bank offices. The value of R $ 10,000.00 or more must be paid equally after the presentation of the Box Branch after two days.

Currency Lottery Information.

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