Monday , November 29 2021

2020 elections and coronavirus pandemic | Amapá’s electrical system is experiencing a new instability in the present


Country leaders Bricks (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) met this Tuesday to explain the strategy for security and economic cooperation until almost 2025. Depending on the topic BRICS alliance for global stability, common security and innovative growth, the summit also discusses the creation of an early warning against infectious diseases and the creation of vaccines against it coronavirus. What marked the virtual meeting was Jair Bolsonaro’s threat to expose those who buy illegal timber from Brazil – the Brazilian president forgot to mention that his government has released an inspection against the practice. Meanwhile, in the political-electoral sphere, a poll published on Tuesday by the RealTime Big Data institute commissioned by CNN Brazil points to Covas with 60% of valid voting intentions (excluding whites and invalid) and Boulos with 40%. In Rio, Eduardo Paes (DEM) appears 71%, well ahead of Marcelo Crivella’s 29% (Republicans). The São Paulo government extended the quarantine across the state until Tuesday, December 16th.

See highlights of the 2020 election coverage:

  • Amapá’s electrical system is experiencing new instability.
  • RealTime Big Data pointed to Covas in the second round with 60% of the valid votes in São Paulo; Boulos has 40%.
  • In Rio de Janeiro, a poll commissioned by CNN Brazil gives 71% to Eduardo País and 29% to Marcelo Crivella.
  • The Government of São Paulo extends the quarantine until December 16.
  • Bolsonaro says Brazil will introduce countries that import illegal timber from the Amazon.

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