Wednesday , December 8 2021

After frustrated negotiations, Cruziiro warns Z Eduardo that he lacks training and is out of Felipe’s planet


(Photo: Gustavo Aleixo / Cruzeiro)

Matrix updated at 4:02 p.m.

Striker By the hand of Eduardo he warned sea ​​voyage Saturday and Monday training lost in Toca da Raposa II. The absence came after a frustrated negotiation with Natal in America, who wanted a loan for the Brazilian’s Serie D sequence. In the location sent to the address Supports, the club has announced that the athlete will be available for activities organized by the technical committee.

“Cruzeiro reported that athlete Z Eduardo warned being out of two training sessions without the club’s permission, management or technical committees. Along with defaulting on a new loan for Amrica-RN, Z Eduardo continues as an athlete from Cruzeiro and is available for club events ”.

Earlier this Tuesday afternoon, it was confirmed by brother Erus Andrade and one of the businessmen Z Eduardo Supports news on the portal’s social networks God Dibre Me, that the athlete would start training separately from the main team and that Luiz Felipe Scolari was off the planet of the coach. In a new contact, the representative sided with the location. “He has just finished training this afternoon separately (from the main team)”.