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Analysis: The first episode of Ramón Díaz’s Botafogo has a hopeful start, but a sad ending | throw


The hope for the match against Bragantino could not be higher: if the victory of the direct competitors allowed them to leave the relegation zone, the team had more than a week to train and the arrival of the new coach could shake the spirits. As Ramón Díaz and his team lead Botafogo, the 2-1 defeat raises a lot of concerns for the fans.

If the discomfort increases as the round progresses, there is still something that the botafogos can hold on to: the first 30 minutes of the defeat left a good impression. The black dominance was like that, as the opponent managed to finish for the first time in 26 minutes, and Botafogo had already finished seven times – the first, even though he spent less than 30 seconds with the ball.

Botafogo players devastated at home against Bragantino – Photo: André Durão / ge

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The serious problem is that the team is not consistent in the in-game performances and even in the first half they started to show that things would go wrong. From that first Bragantino presentation, three more came, against two from Botafogo. The goals also came at a time when there was no dominance over one team over another, although the São Paulo team showed improvement.

The second half came to reinforce the dominance that the visitors began to show. Still in the number of submissions, in the second stage there were seven for Bragantino and three for Botafogo. Unable to create moves and intensity in the fast game with wet grass at the beginning of the first half, the team led by Emiliano Diaz on Monday night did not seem to have changed coach.

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The refereeing was once again controversial in the Botafogo game – Photo: André Durão / ge

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Errors insisted on appearing in the middle of an uncreative pitch that found no space in the opposing defense. Since Botafogo, which created few real opportunities, was not effective, the almost common complaint reappeared: arbitration. To the extent of his guilt, the referee cannot be solely responsible for the black-and-white defeats that caused the team to accumulate 20 points in 20 games.

Botafogo needs to move on. With a week of preparation and a chance to find out what Ramón Díaz (even remotely) thinks, the team has time to win 23 points in the remaining 18 games. For Emiliano Diaz, he had more positive than negative matches against Bragantino. It will be up to him to make this positivity more harmonious in the team and, if possible, to appear against Fortaleza next Sunday, at 18:15 (Brasilia), in Nilton Santos.

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