Thursday , January 28 2021

Another Brazilian former president, a new bill made by Lava Jato in Brazil's new policy in Brazil

At the end of the dictatorship, seven of the seven pennies in Brazil slept behind the bars, excluding the suspicions of corruption. Michel Temer, 78, has been sleeping two nights in a 20-square-meter room without a window, but has a toilet, shower and air conditioner at the Federal Police Station in Rio de Janeiro. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, 73 years old and is currently serving a year in a cell that is located in a PF facility in Curitiba (Paraná), the epicenter of Lava Jato Operational Research. In the case with a hundred heroes, criminals, plotter and sub-cyclists, the arrests of Temer in detention on Thursday have been a turning point in the conflict, although some chapters have the option. Indeed, as of January 1, when the veteran politician lost his immunity, President Jair Bolsonaro gave him a presidential gown.

Judge Marcelo Breton has claimed that Temer was "a leader of a criminal organization" for abuse over the last 40 years for public contracts, building budgets, money laundering, and keeping the market down.

The construction of Petrobras and the Odebrecht construction company gained popularity, and the new Brazilian policy was being raised by a high bill. Three other authorities, dismissed by dismissal, were rescued by Lava Jato, Dilma Rousseff, who was successful in 2016 by Temer and Fernando Collor de Mello. Another is José Sarney, a report denouncing the suspicion that Transpetro deviates. The former former president, survivor, is Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who has been mentioned in the investigation, but has been ordered. Over the next five years, 150 other politicians and strong businessmen entered the jail, but the dissatisfaction of the population of the political class increased.

As a prison, a new chapter between Lava Jet judges and prosecutors and the traditional political class. The jury arrested by Lula and former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro and the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, whose father is Moreira Franco, former minister detained on the same day in Temer. As in novels, it is sometimes difficult to keep up the relationship between the plot and the relationships. In the meantime, the former president is still afraid of the arrest of the congressional allies, such as Social Security reform, to refuse social security reform, the recognition of key projects for economic revival.

This is one of the reasons for the success of the Bolsonaro election tsunami Lava Jet does not pass to him. Despite being one of his sons, Flavio, the senator, was investigating money laundering research. The president called the "arrests of the" political agreement (Temer) to guarantee governance, but one of its leaders, Olímpio Mayor, expressed his will to the will: "The legacy of the Brazilian people's legacy was lost and politics ashamed, Before justice

Fear is the last politician involved so far (so far). EL PAÍS published its edition in Brazil from 2017, some of the documents that proved the bribes collection and the prosecutor mentioned the request for the Prison of Temer. Nobody can imagine that on March 17, 2014, money was generated as a whitening money-laundering investigation into the biggest scandal of corruption in Brazil's history and spread throughout Latin America.

But all the companies and politicians of all parties benefited from systemic corruption, a mega scandal that emerged as a result of the deep changes that occurred in Brazil, the right-wing ultra-presidential and anti-indecent ones. The victory is also strong in Perun, Keiko Fujimori's opposition leader and several former presidents: Alejandro Toledo, fleeing to the United States, Ollanta Humala, imprisoned and two others. town is prohibited. The plot casts election campaigns between Colombian Juan Manuel Santos and Alvaro Uribe. In Mexico, the only investigation was not opened despite allegations against a minister Enrique Peña Nieto, nor Chavista Venezuela.

Michel Temer is waiting for at least four more nights, because his habeas corpus request will be reviewed on Wednesday. In the first question, he was silent, when he was silent in the light of the knowledge of a constitutionalist lawyer, he said that the pre-trial detention was "completely unknown".

In the same operation, seven former compounds of the former Democratic President of the Democratic Movement (MDB) were arrested for the majority of parties in exchange for a physiological aspect, ideology, and specialized public procurement contracts.

When he arrived in 2019, Temer became another client. Their cases have returned to ordinary justice and the investigation has continued. He never wanted to. Rousseff won the Lula Workers' Party, and the Planalto Palace left a 7% reputation thanks to the wrath of Brazilian corruption after seeing a veteran representative of a political career. The Captains of the Bolsonar army knew how to unleash the deep discrepancies of their compatriots with the old political class – it was in the three decades, however, a desire to defeat this system and an unwanted novelty like it.

Temer also had to crush his fall across the country at every moment on television, thanks to the tremendous coverage of the press, although the camera was in helicopters. They saw the first appearance and surprise of the citizens, two police officers equipped with rifles, to take them to the airport in Rio de Janeiro and to enter the new police station.

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