Tuesday , January 26 2021

Bangu makes increases and makes Vasco's life difficult for Rio O Dia Cup-Vasco

Rio – Bangu returned to show strength in San Juan, confirming victory over Vasko 2-1 on Saturday. With this result, the team won the qualification of the Rio Cup final and left the home owner in a difficult situation. In advance, Cruzmaltino expects eight defeats against Boavista Round Volta, against Raulin on Sunday.

On the bench with Maxi López, the 19-year-old striker did not run away. This time, the junk of São Januário showed opportunism to open the scoreboard in the 42nd part of the first half, which was said to have rebounded from Ross's shot.

When staying at the top of the summit, at the age of 19, the young man felt shaking in the room for a few days in the last seven months. After Resend won 2-0, he won on Wednesday. However, he did not have an easy life.

Bangu team has shown the reason for Bangu. With good movement and organization. The coach decided to stop the game. Ado Souza was not in a hurry to leave the field as he was substituted for the game.

He continued to be patient for Vasco to practice the ball and stick to a consistent mark. Slowly, opportunities were created alongside Tiago Reis, Rossi and Danilo Barcelos. But the goal was the only end to the first half.

During that period, Bangu, with the threatened wave, returned without fear. Maxi López instead of Tiago Reis, Vasco lost Bruno César's revenue and suffered more from Thiago Galhardo instead of Bruno Silva.

After the incident, Anderson Lessa, in nine minutes, gave hope to Bangu. Open, the game was there. The atmosphere of voltage, at least aside, the goal of Marcos Júnios in the 47th minute, against the deadly match that crowns Ado Souza's excellent work. For Alberto Valentim, there were many rumors and curse.

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