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Black Friday has already begun on the Internet sales; Check out the list of major participants


On Friday, Friday, Friday, Friday morning, it will be possible to make a good purchase. But the portion of the trade returns a week earlier than the day before. In physical stores and online liquidity, there are prospects for savings and savings in the end of year purchases.

There are also tax and online data points: to maintain a legitimate date: settlements only on Friday. Examples are Luiza and Saraiva Magazines.

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A third of the Christmas sales of the future is foreseen for Christmas, says a survey of the Brazilian Retail and Consumer Association. Read more here. In the case of clothing items, the quota is much higher and 53% of the mega-promotional turnover reaches.
Black Friday 2017 (Photo: Tatiana Fortes / THE PEOPLE)

For those who prefer to shop at the store, retail outlets feature many segmental segments that show prices and black Friday on windows on Friday.

POVO Online Friday Black was found early on Friday at major online retail stores. Check list:

The house has planned Black Friday for e-commerce applications on Friday, beginning on October 19. At the store, discounts will be applied at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, during the 22 years, the settlement began only 22 hours.

Similarly, the store's application and the discounts found in the website have already been found. The company can find mobile phones, notebooks, TVs, video games, electrical appliances, tires and pet collar.

The furniture, decoration and interior stores network is already up to 70%. Some discounts will run after the sixth and until November 26. There are more than 2,000 items with special prices. Other possible advantages include free shipping and 12x, depending on the purchase value.

In the site, offers have already been found, for example, in home appliances and electronics. Mark "Hear Black Friday" will be on the 22nd until Thursday.

E-commerce for sports goods keeps a record of one-month-old discounts on Friday night. For example, shoes, accessories, food and bikes with prepaid discounts. Last year, the brand sold 180,000 pairs of sneakers.

On Friday, Black Friday already has discounts on books, electrical appliances, electronics and home appliances. The company is one of the best guaranteed discounted products: at least the last 60 day discount.

Smart e-commerce Smart November accepts before Friday. Clothing, shoes and accessories can be purchased up to 60%.

The Black Friday week offers discounts of 80% in books and electronic books; and 70% in hundreds of other categories. As other companies announce, however, the main discounts will be available on the 23rd.

Tips to help you avoid scams can help you:

– Check the prices paid before the Black Friday through the websites of companies or stores that participate in the event. In this way, you will avoid the risk of promotional fraud;

– Pay your exchanges and return policies, which you can change stores;

– Look carefully at the footnotes and possible terms of delivery that can be applied at this time.

– Check the goods and the document of the certificate only after confirming the conditions of the product (any irregularity must be justified and the person in charge of the person responsible must solve the problem);

– Consumer protection organizations, platform and Google, search for site references.

For Internet purchases:

– Before purchasing, check the reliability of the store, see the site as the company name, CNPJ, address and provider's contact channels, if there is an issue, the company's location will be the key to the solution;

– Save the emails exchanged with your provider, which are verified by exchanges or by not receiving the product;

– Improve the already prepared suppliers in the market;

– In the case of imported imported products in Brazil, the same nationality rules are followed in the case of legalized establishments;

– Try to put your LAN premises, cyber cafes or public computers online to avoid being properly protected.

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