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Corinthians overthrows Balloon, Twitter lads and Heavenly cased Coss

The Corinthians played a night of high tension, when they won the Racing Club (ARG) by 5 to 4 in the penalty kicks, after drawing 1 to 1 in the normal time. The highlight was that it was not entirely from Cássio, heroic with two defenses, because the transfer of the classification in the Copa Sul-Americana fez to RedeTV! Overcome Globo for a few minutes and master the web more than 50,000 Twitter mentions.

The dispute over the fourth weekend of football began even last week, when Globo requested the advance of Palmeiras x Ituano for the Paulista Championship to compete as a Corinthians audience. On the afternoon, the station was além and "ignored" the decisive game in the Copa Sul-Americana. In part, the strategy was true, as leadership as the games of Palmeiras and Corinthians happen simultaneously. It was during the pénnaltis, when the duel of the Palmeiras has been finished, that the RedeTV! overcame and hit 16 points in São Paulo, against 10 of the Globo in the preliminary measurement of the Ibope.

The Corinthians came to announce on his Twitter that RedeTV! It would have an exclusive transmission, and the twist bought the idea. The hashtag "#CorinthiansNaRedeTV" has grown dramatically during the game against Racing and has hit 43,000 comments.

Cássio já deserves statue in Timão?

The goal of the goalkeeper is winning even more epic outlines around the circumstances. It was precisely where Cássus reached 395 and equalized Gylmar dos Santos Neves in the second place in the list of goalsmen who most played Corinthians. As eight conquering titles and 16 pennies have been defended as the Alvinegra shirt, the idol is strong in the discussion about the greatest golfer in the history of the club.

Pré-jogo gave "signals" of the classification

Programming of RedeTV! Fez the joy of Corintian galley before the rolling ball. In social networks, I am joking as the lyrics of a religious music and even a pastor of a suggestive name in the air shortly before transmission. Did Roberto Rivelino be baptized in homage to Alvinegro craque of Los años 70?

Filha de Cássio "wake up" like pénnaltis

The last shot of the game in Avellaneda was defended by Cássio. The golfer chuckled Solariá in the alternate picks and how he guaranteed the classification of the Corinthians. More than 2 miles from Cilindro de Avellaneda, at the house of Cássio, the commemoration was just as humid as it was. The daughter of shirt 12, Maria Luiza, did not see or send because it was time to get up in bed, right ?!

Mulher de Cássio delays the sleep of the daughter to attend pénatals; see

UOL Esporte

Suffering will be a joke after the game

If the courage hit hard during pennings, the nervousness turned relaxation shortly afterwards. Until the Corinthians' "horse" passed badly as the payloads.

Urso and two are back in the South American; Jadson Não Joga Saturday

The Corinthians must count on three reinforcements for the next phase of the South American Cup. Junior Urso, the absolute holder in the time of Fábio Carille, was not registered in time in the first phase, the more vague it is guaranteed for the sequence of the competition. My Ms. Régis and the Uruguayan steward Bruno Méndez are more than two choices. They can enter the wanderings of Romero, who has not renewed a contract, and Léo Santos, licensed to Fluminense.

The Paulista Championship, or Corinthians, continues to count how my Jadson does, which performs muscle strengthening work. Shirt 10 is not facing São Bento next Saturday, at the Walter Ribeiro stadium, in Sorocaba, for the first round of the competition. I only have to go back against Santos, on the 10th.

Juca: "Cassio prevailed, to vary"

Which is the greatest golfer of the history of the Corinthians?

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