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Covas calls Boulos and apologizes after toucan ally says opponent “killed mother to go to orphan’s ball” | 2020 elections in São Paulo


At a meeting this morning, former federal deputy Ricardo Tripoli (PSDB) said, along with Covas, that Boulos had a PSDB opponent in round 2 that “kills his mother so he can get into the orphan ball.”

“We have a terribly aggressive opponent who saw the debate yesterday. He is the guy who kills his mother to go to the orphan ball. He kills his mother to get into the orphan ball.” Tripoli said.

In a statement released this afternoon, Bruno Covas described today’s statement about candidate Guilherme Boulos as “unacceptable and disrespectful”.

“Such attitudes do not contribute to the democratic process. Mayor Bruno Covas has already personally apologized to Boulos and hopes the campaign, its allies and militants will maintain the respect and good level promised so far by the tone of the campaign,” the Tucan campaign statement said.

O G1 he sought a PSOL campaign to talk about the issue, but was informed that candidate Guilherme Boulos will not comment on the episode at the moment.

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Ricardo Tripoli made accusations and criticisms against Boulos, Covas’ opponent in lap 2 – Photo: TV Globo

Covas and Guilherme Boulos are running in the second round of elections in São Paulo, as determined this Sunday night (15), when the High Electoral Court (TSE) confirmed that the two candidates were the most voted in the first part of the race to become mayor. capital.

According to the Electoral Court, Covas had 32.85% (1,747,938 valid votes) and Boulos 20.24% (1,077,168 valid votes).

new assembly Covas x Boulos – Photo: Fábio Tito / G1; Renato Gizzi / Agencia O Dia / Estadão Content

This Tuesday in Sindnapi (May 17), the Tucano candidate said he is negotiating support for the 2nd round of the São Paulo city conflict with other legends.

“The agreement is managed by the campaign coordinator and my party president. We hope to be able to announce it soon. When we don’t win the first round, we have to admit that you don’t have enough strength to represent the majority with the support of other political currents, other social groups. to have more government representatives, ”he said Tuesday.

The mayor previously stated that he does not rule out the possibility of receiving support from Celso Russomanno (Republicans).

Ricardo Tripoli criticized Boulos at a ceremony with Covas in SP – Photo: TV Globo

Covas attended the Sindnapiko breakfast, which is part of the Força Sindical. The candidate was asked whether it would be negative for his campaign to receive the support of an organization linked to federal deputy Paulinho da Força and the president of the Solidarity, which is accused of corruption and money laundering.

“I received support from the pensioners’ union. I have not yet received official support, I hope who knows how to receive it in the second round, from the Force or Solidarity. In the second round it is important to look for other forces, this articulation program for the city of São Paulo. it is done above because of the theses for the city. Today I have also received proposals about the elderly, more parks for the elderly, more social centers, ”he said.

Força Sindical has not yet given formal support to the toucan, leaders Antônio de Sousa Ramalho and Elenice Cabral have spoken out in favor of the candidate at the ceremony.

Bruno Covas visits the pensioners’ union and says that he is negotiating support for the second round this Tuesday (17) – Photo: Marina Pinhoni / G1

Regarding his administration’s Objectives Plan, which envisaged the creation of 15,000 vacancies for older activities, the mayor stated that he intended to move forward with the actions, but did not respond to how many vacancies have already been created.

“The city has achieved the full seal of the state in terms of a city that is friendly to the elderly. We want to move in that direction to have pleasant spaces, unified support and health care. We now have one room in each. UBS [Unidade Básica de Saúde] aimed only at the elderly. In fact, we want to expand our actions in the field of sports, culture, support, health. ”

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