Thursday , September 16 2021

FREE! New credit payments starting at $ 2,000. In the FGTS

A Federal Savings Bank has released an advance payment Service Guarantee Fund (FGTS), A modality that went into effect in 2020, called a birthday withdrawal. This October, this new option for employees can be advanced online as a loan guarantee.

Employees will be required to make a three-year payment for the resource credit in a minimum amount of R $ 2 thousand. According to Caixa president Pedro Guimarães, the money will be released digitally without the need for the employee to go to an agency.

“The loan corresponds to an advance on the amount made available on your birthday FGTS balance it is used as a guarantee of operation, giving simplicity and agility to procurement, ”said Caixa.

According to the bank, the interest rate is quite attractive: 0.99% per month on loans to individuals.

“Credit is quick and easy without bureaucracy. You just have to go to the internet banks, simulate, hire and use the resource, ”the bank said.

Advantages of the loan

According to the president of Caixa, the advantages of the loan are lower interest rates for individuals, 0.99% per month.

“You can anticipate a year, two and even three. The amount is also varied, up to the limit of the balance, which is at least $ 2 thousand, ”he said directly.

  • Monthly interest: 0.99%
  • Annual interest: 12.54%
  • Minimum loan amount: R $ 2 thousand
  • Anticipate up to three years of benefit.
  • Ease: quick and easy credit recruitment
  • Convenience: automatic and single payment
  • Speed: The day after you hire the money
  • Convenience: It doesn’t weigh in on the budget because there are no monthly fees


  • Be over 18 years of age or be emancipated
  • Have a savings account or a current account at CAIXA
  • Stay with the CPF in the normal state of the IRS

How to hire a line of credit?

According to information from the box, the employee can be hired Forecast Retirement Birthday FGTS “Wherever you are, in your palm or on your computer, in a completely digital way,” the bank said.

Come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Register with CAIXA Internet Banking, CAIXA or FGTS and indicate CAIXA. Check the amount you are entitled to.


It can be contracted through the branch network as well as through CAIXA Internet Banks.

Right now, due to high demand, adjustments to the digital channel, recruitment is only done in branches. They will soon be available again via Internet banking and the CAIXA application.

Money in mind

CAIXA blocks the balance of the FGTS account for guarantees and releases the amount of the advance payment the next day.


Recruitment of the new loan modality began on July 27th. Caixa Econômica Federal expects a high demand for the service, with around 6.1 million people joining in on their birthday.

Loans to be repaid with FGTS

As of September, Caixa Econômica Federal had granted payroll loans to a total of 760 thousand employees using the FGTS (Seniority Guarantee Fund) as collateral, according to Adolfo Sachsida, Secretary of Economic Policy of the Ministry of Economy.

Also, according to the secretary, on September 15, the guaranteed volume was about R $ 2.2 million.

“I recently spoke to Caissa and they informed me that 760 thousand employees benefited from a deductible credit guaranteed by the FGTS. This new type of credit had guarantees totaling $ 2.2 billion,” the SPE chief said. “We are driving the FGTS payroll market. It’s a more stagnant way for the consumer. I invite other banks to do the same, ”he added.

The use of FGTS withdrawals as a collateral for loans on the market is envisaged in the new benefit rules, which were approved by Congress last year and created modalities for annual withdrawal and immediate withdrawal.

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