Tuesday , January 26 2021

Gasoline price rises 4 weeks and accumulates a 3.5% increase in one month – Economy

Petrol oil, traded for a liter of R $ 3.54, reached its fifth height (photo: Minervino Junior / CB / D.A Press)

The average gasoline market literally marketed at gas stations lasted R $ 4,319 this week. The fourth-week sales of the product increased by 3.5% in a month, from 17 to 23 February, with a liter of R $ 4,172 sold.

Data from Petrleo, Gs Natural and Biofuels (ANP) come from the weekly National Agency survey. Gasolini had an average R $ 3.54 per liter of exchange for its fifth height and accumulated an increase of 2.8%.

Ethanol a liter, with an average R $ 2,969 traded, rose five consecutive times, accumulating an increase of 8.2% over the five-week period. The GNV price (natural gas vehicle) increased by an average of a third week of R $ 3,169 cubic meters, which is a 1% increase.

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