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Images show streaks during the operation of Bope in Morro do Dendê; videos! O Dia


Rio – The Military Police performs, from the end of the afternoon of this third fair, an operation at Morro do Dendê, on the Island of the Governor. Since then, agents of the Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (Bope) are in the community of Zona Norte del Rio. Up until the end of the night, a trafficker had been injured during the confrontation with the PMs and was assisted at the Municipal Hospital Evandro Freire, in the same neighborhood. A fuzil was apprehended like ele.

Videos that circulate in social networks show streaks of shots crossing the sky of the community during the operation, at night; assista!

The shooting at Morro do Dendê began around 22h45 and lasted until at least 23:30. "Muito fired yourself! May God save the people that are coming home", a moradora posted, on social networks. "I hear you here of Moneró and my mother, Portuguese. You're echoing," he warned another. "We heard and we were aflitas here. Ten to hear in all the Ilha", informed a third.

Police arrive at the Evandro Freire Hospital – Reproduction / Internet

Major murdered

The operation of the Bope in the Moro do Dendê began hours after the murder of Major Alan de Luna Freire, 40, who was crowded in the Batalla of Illa del Governador (17th BPM). He was executed in the hands of this third in New York, at Fluminense Downfall.

According to colleagues of the major, recently he arrested Fernando Gomes de Freitas, Fernando Fernandez Guarabu, 39, chief of drug trafficking in communities of the Island of the Governor. The order for the murder of the police could have been given by Antonio Eugenio de Souza, the Batoré, as the "murderer" of Guarabu's gang.

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