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In nine days, the BH has two thousand dollars – General

Sa units
Belo Horizonte health units are filled with patients with illness symptoms (photo: Marcos Vieira / EM / D.A Press)

Dengue fever is Belo Horizonte. More than 2,095 cases of the disease were confirmed in the capital city of Minas Gerais for nine days. Through this, the enrollments rose from 4,185 to 6,280, a 50% increase on April 17, the latest issue of the Sade Municipal Secretary (SMSA). The situation may be worse, although there are still 18,800 notifications in the test results expected. This Saturday, the Barrenko Dengue Care Center will open and seven other health centers open to serve the patient's population.

The Epidemiological Bulletin published on Friday by SMSA has revealed that the number of cases of Belo Horizonte has increased significantly. In total, 25,100 cases have been reported. Of these, 6,280 were confirmed and 18,894 investigations were still underway. 5,195 records were discarded.

The Barreiro region continues with the heads of affirmed cases, with a total of 1,232. Then comes Pampulha, with 866 confirmations, in the northeast, 818, Venda Nova, 751 and Northwest, with 743.

At least one death is being investigated by hemorrhagic dengue. The victim hospitalized Barreiro Emergency Care (UPA). According to the City Council of Belo Horizonte (PBH), the patients carried out exams and analyzed the materials sent to Fundao Ezequiel Dias (Funed). The deadline for notifying the results is not reported by the municipal administration.

Come to those attending

This Saturday, the population will have more services in the capital of Minas Gerais to treat dengue fever. The City Council will open the Dengue Care Center in Barreirora (Praa Modestino Sales Barbosa, 100 – Bairro Flvio Marques Lisboa) to participate only in people with dengue symptoms. Every day from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Seven health centers will also be open this week in different parts of the city. See the addresses below:

The Health Centers will open on Saturday, 19/04/1919:
Barreiro Sade Tirol Center
C / Nlio Cerqueira, 15 – Tirol
Time: 8:17 pm.

Sade So Paulo-Northeast Center
Rua Padre Jos Alves, 357 – So Paulo
Time: 8:17 pm.

Sade Carlos Prates Center – Northwest
Rua Frederico Bracher Jnior, 103 – Carlos Prates
Time: 8:17 pm.

Sade So Bernardo – North Center
Rua Vasco da Gama, 334 – So Bernardo
Time: 8:17 pm.

Sade Vila Imperial – West Center
Rua Guilherme Pinto da Fonseca, 350 – Ama Gertrudes
Time: 8:17 pm.

Sade Santa Terezinha-Pampulha center
Virua Tvora senator, 157
Time: 8:17 pm.

Sade Andradas Center – Venda Nova
Mariana Amlia de Azevedo, 21 – So Joo Batista
Time: 8:17 pm.

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