Thursday , December 9 2021

Jake takes Raissa’s Biel blow in the Fire Trial


The fire of “A Fazenda 2020” on Sunday and recorded yesterday by RecordTV revealed a disagreement between Biel and Tays Reis over the choice of Raissa Barbosa with Jakelyne Oliveira for the activity, which was won by Mariano. chaos’.

The farmer of the week thought he was wrong to send a person who could have damaged his “priorities” during the closure. Biel was not on the fence and asked the model for more intelligence.

How different it is to win at that moment in the tournament that we or he alone have. If Raissa gains power, he will use it against us. That is obvious. “

“Now it’s clear when we talk. When I went to do that, I thought about the test question. I thought about the test,” Jak replied.

Funkeiro was angry at not going to the test and was angry when he chose the pawn that showed his eyes were blood when he proved the subject.

He put on another strong one. That is good proof. I didn’t understand. “

“Yeah. It’s good, it’s sweet. I could tell he had more chances to win,” Tays Reis added.

The discussion continued as Biel revealed his anger at the decision and Jakelyne Oliveira assumed the mistake in making the decision.

Jakelyne Oliveira: Yes, I could.

Tays Reis-ek: That. He had more options with me than with him. Do you understand? He is strong, man. His strength is that of a man!

Biel: I put the girl with the girl on the field.

Jakelyne Oliveira: A lot to think about.

Biel: No, man. It was between Raissa and Biel!

Jakelyne Oliveira: Tays I wanted to!

Tays Reis-ek: So I put it on.

Jakelyne Oliveira: Then my head appeared on the subject of Tays. “If he loses, he’ll go to the store,” I thought and I don’t want to. It’s even more annoying with the size of my donkey that I don’t even have to think about it. Mariano just wanted to say what he wanted and come. The end. Finished.

In the end, Mariano Biel won a special request to win the race and met the goal. Sertanejo owns the weekly chaos lamp and can directly interfere with a pawn sitting in the fourth chair in the country.

A Fazenda 2020: After leaving Lucas Maciel, who deserves to win reality?


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