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Joinville has more than 270,000 people still to have fever yellow

In the confirmation of the primates diagnosed with yellow ice in the state of Paraná, in the region in the northern region of Santa Catarina, the importance of the Joinville virus and the vaccine to immunize the population against the disease were stressed.

However, only 74,133 people have been vaccinated until today, which represents 21% of the target. The goal is to search for 350 thousand people in the priority group between nine and twenty-nine. The order is still small.

– Until now, Joinville was not a vaccination recommendation. But with the proximity of the disease, people must seek immunity gradually – says Sandrine Tauber, a nurse from the Department of Health in the Department of Health.

The Ministry of Health will announce the importance of the vaccine and the importance of the fight against the growth of mosquitoes Aedes aegypti, which will be one of the main vector of the vaccine virus, Dengue fever, Zica virus and Chikungunya fever.

In Joinville, the routine was introduced into the vaccine less than six months ago. Since last year, the Health Care and Environmental Surveillance Center has carried out preventative actions and campaigns to monitor housing and housing in rural areas and to monitor and analyze animal diseases or death reports.

Joinville, according to the Secretary of Health of the association, Jean Rodrigues da Silva, is already mobilizing the city to increase its actions.

– Mobilize our impact networks and take the group's vaccine rates leverage.

Fever yellow traction is the only way to prevent illness. It should be taken in just one dose of all ages of nine to 59 years. In Joinville, the vaccine is available in all Basic Health Units (UBS) and Vaccine Center (Rua Abdon Batista, 172, Centro).

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