Wednesday , January 22 2020
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Jucilei wants to revive Brazil in the position found by Cuca

Cuca is not starting to work as a coach in São Paulo, but her ideas are taking place in the club's everyday life. Among them, Jucilei is changing the position that can be created to win the survival of Tricolor: move the steering wheel from the defender.

The coach, Vagner Mancini, left the technical coordinator as goalkeeper, until he finished his health care, as a defender of the two Shandong Luneng in China. Cuca liked the experience until he repeated the Chinese club, and Rogério Cení's intention was also proposed in 2017 as was recruited by the São Paulo Jucilei.

The difference is in China, Cuca used four defenders as Jucilei defender. Tricolor's idea is to use Mancini in the new scheme of three defenders, and continue with Cuca.

The referee has already played the role of Luan, Willian Farias, and Hudson, as well as more space among the defenders of Jucile. The team has six positions for the athletes, but it has only three shots: Arboleda, Bruno Alves and Anderson Martins, and three boys – Kal and Rodrigo, two of each professional, and Walce, nor debut.

For the club, this would bring less cost to the market, changing the tactical scheme necessary to hire an advocate. And because Gucilei did not use three games, he managed to get himself motivated. In the new training, T-shirt 8 improved intensity and performance, including yesterday's workout game.

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