Saturday , October 24 2020

Laila caught a gun and suspected Aziz murder · TV news

Laila (Julia Dalavia) is going to be in a bad place in the wrong time and even worse, Ortho's orphans. He will come home, full of blood in Aziz (Herson Capri), in front of the house. The young girl will see a gun and weep. Soon his murder will become a suspect.

Laila and Jamil After hiding in the marriage, she will be hidden from Atibaia (SP interior) sheik Aziz After denouncing Camila (Anaju Dorigon), he will find out about the couple's destiny and they will only go. By going to the door, someone will approach you. "Chu Heda? What are you doing here? "Sheika said.

At the same time, Almeidinha (Danton Mello) Laila's parents say that Aziz could be released. The newly married couple will be on the street and they will arrive at the place where they will hide from them and the whole family of refugees.

Elias (Marco Ricca) and Missade (Ana Cecilia Costa) will be heard shooting three and leaving home. They will meet Laila and Jamil by the white blood. He'll have a gun.

You are here! What do you do with the gun? "Eliasi asked.I … I took it on the ground, "his daughter replied.Chu Heda? What happened "She asked Missade to confuse her.I do not know. I do not know, I love you"Laila will tell tears.

Soon a policeman arrives and everyone will take the police. The crime will be televised and Laila will be the main suspect. "This afternoon, a crime was shocked by the inhabitants of the city of Atibaia in São Paulo. Aziz Abdallah, a few days ago from Sheikh from Lebanon, filmed and was in a hurry. Laila Faia is believed to have fired the suspects, "she told reporters.

In addition to Laila, other suspects of Aziz slaughter will be Delilah (Alice Wegmann). Rania (Eliane Giardini), Hussein (Bruno Cabrerizo) and Fauze (Kaysar Dadour).

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