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Owners of IPhones complain that X and Xs only call the flashlight

Many iPhone users, especially the iPhone X model and the iPhone XS, complained to Apple about a problem that affects more people than they did. They complain about activating the device flashlight activation, the problem of removing the battery from the mobile phone.

According to the USA Today newspaper, more than 480 iPhone users have complained that Apple has a flashlight activated on the lock screen, without permission. "Many people notice strangers on the street or perceive a strange light coming from their pockets," he commented on the paper.


The complaint is that the lock function at the bottom of the lock screen is blocked because it is easily converted to unexpectedly activated, because in the case of the device there is enough connection to these flashlights.

Morgan Lujan, an American comedian interviewed on paper, said that XS Max iPhone is repeatedly blocked by interim. "It's more interesting that the camera shortcut is never turned on the other side of the screen, for some reason, the flashlight is always", said the comedy.

Toussaint Campbell, another interviewed user, has said that its iPhone XS flashlight is constantly activated, it simply rests with the device or walks in the pocket.

For now, Apple has not commented on the issue, and it is impossible to know the problem solution, such as turning off the shortcuts for updates.

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