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Police seized weapons Caxias | the girls were killed to the prime ministers in the community in Rio de Janeiro


Civilian police seized five pistols and five rifles from the first pistols for the investigation. Police also testified.

The two girls were cousins ​​and played at the door of the Santo Antônio community home. Emilly Victoria, who will turn 5 this month, was shot in the head. Rebeca Beatriz Rodrigues dos Santos was shot in the stomach. Both were buried this Saturday (5) in a heated commotion.

Father of one of the children at the funeral this Saturday afternoon – Photo: Reproduction

Emily’s father disappeared several times and had the support of relatives. According to the NGO Rio de Paz, she is a construction worker and helped bury her daughter.

“That’s what we take, look. Two children, my daughter, my nephew. I’m buried, this remains for the community, for the governors,” the father said as he closed the place where the girl’s coffin was placed.

A girl’s grandmother said she was coming home from work. The girls were waiting to buy a snack on the sidewalk when a police car passed by around 8 p.m.

Family members said they did not know there was any kind of harassment and saw police shooting.

“I was on my way home from work and got off the bus. I heard at least ten shots. The bus passed and the blazer stopped and took that link to get out. He stopped in front of the street and fired,” Grandma Lídia Santos said. Rebecca.

Family members cannot say whether there was any form of harassment at the time.

Military police say it was a group of the 15th Battalion (Duque de Caxias). I was patrolling Lauro Sodré Rua, around the Sapinho community, when the shots were heard. Second PM, agents did not shoot.

According to residents, it was the neighbors who took the victims to the Sarapuí Emergency Care Unit (UPA).

“The battalion was then called to verify that two people from the wounded UPA Caxias II (Sarapuí) had entered. The incident was verified on the spot and there were two children,” the note says.

On social media, the NGO Rio da Paz he spoke of the violence in the city and the deaths of girls in the Baixada Fluminens.

“Every time these deaths happen, we believe that everything will change, because the most horrific face of crime in Rio is the death of the lost bullet of these girls and boys. However, nothing changes. Families remain poor, the perpetrators of murders are not clarified, murderers are not punished and there is no transformation in public safety policy. We must remember that those who die are poor children. That is the reason for the indifference of public authorities, “said Antonio Carlos Costa, president of the NGO.

Rio de Paz has been following cases of children killed by firearms since 2007, according to the NGO. Since then, 79 children who have been victims of violence in Rio have taken part, most of them with deflected bullets. With these cases, this year alone (2020), the number of children killed by firearms in the state of Rio de Janeiro will rise to 12 this Saturday (5), which is one a month, according to statistics from the NGO Rio. Peace. In 2019, seven children were killed. Between January 2019 (the time of the then Wilson Witzel government) until this Saturday (12/12) 19 children were killed.

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