Saturday , December 4 2021

PSL requires more space and government interviews


At the first meeting of the PSL party, meeting with the current senators and elected representatives of Brasilia (21), it was a tone for the future government and more appealing space. Meanwhile, the party's president, Luciano Bivar (PE), Olympic Senator Olímpico Mayor (PSL-SP), was the most voted in São Paulo, as a candidate for the presidency of the legislature.

The Olympic Olímpico Olímpico Senator General has visited the PSL candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, Barra da Tujuca, in Rio de Janeiro.

The Olympic Senator defends the candidate Luciano Bivar for the presidency of the Chamber. Contact us |

Elected President Jair Bolsonaro was a meeting of less than 10 minutes. The Parliamentary people greeted it and overlooked the relationship between Congress and the Parliament and the Directorate.

"The government will govern according to the Republican criteria between the federal government and the National Congress," said Marcelo Álvaro Antônio (PSL), a Minas Gerais Voting Champion.


At the congress, some legislators denounced Democrate (DEM) as part of the presidential electoral group, as confirmed by three ministries. According to Parliament, the president of the future said that the names were elected and not elected by the parties. "I do not know that jealousy is a good word in politics," he said, hoping for the Olympics, PSL and DEM.

The elected deputies and the senate also criticized the difficulties faced by the Bolsonar government transition group. According to the Olympics, the Senator, Soraya Thronicke (PSL-MS), learned at a press conference the secretary of the Tereza Cristina (DEM) International Congress, chosen by the Ministry of Agriculture Nerezi.

MP says that Joice Hasselmann (PS) wants to start leading the PSL, the party will form a "block" and will not be dependent on parliamentarians called "centão". Bolsonaro's support.


According to Marcelo Álvaro Antônio, the PSL discusses internally, and with other parties, a lawsuit against the House of Representatives. Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), the current president, keeps for another two years.

"There is nothing defined, the candidate or not, we will have the presidency of the House in the PSL," said the Minas Gerais conference. "He [Bolsonaro] He already stated that he preferred to have another party, "he added.

However, at the end of the meeting, the Olímpio General, at the end of the meeting of the deputy, defended the PSL to accept Biva's appointment in the presidency of the Chamber. "We thank Bivar," he said. Olímpio says the PSL president was "diverted" when he left the presidency [do partido] welcome to all of us ".

The name Bivar was elected to the kingdom, the federal deputy of Bibo Nunes (PSL-RS). "Luciano Bivarren's election is the bank's priority."


According to the proposal of PSL candidates, the party will expand the Congress bench and look for more space. Akronim has elected 52 deputies, but parliamentarians themselves claim that the banks will reach 61st position.

Bank increment calculations are based on the party window, facilitating the migration of parliaments with acronyms that have not reached the performance clause.

"We have the greatest respect for other parties, but there seems to be a partisan window. Parliaments with ideological alignment will invite us respectfully [com o PSL]"Said Major Olympio.

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