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The money of Flamengo Santos should stolen Ronaldo's "& # 39;

Santos gets a loan agreement with Ronald. Without an alternative to the Flamengo team, Peix may request financial compensation to close Bruno Henrique's sale. Alvinro sold R $ 23 million + Ronaldo for a season, with a purchase value of 3 million euros (R $ 12.7 million). The club, however, exceeded the demand for wages, gloves and the business committee.

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Santos believes that Ronaldo's salary is exempt, with Vila Belmiro selling R $ 80,000 from R $ 30,000. André Cury, the athlete's agent, sees the amount that is acceptable, if he wants to get 120 thousand dollars a month for the purchase. There is also a R $ 100,000 fee for the commission and bonus at the start of the 25 games.

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Before Ronaldo, Alvinegro thought about Trauco, Willian Aaron, Jean Lucas and Lucas Silva, but nobody said it unanimously. If the wrong route continues, it will be possible to request more money from Flamenco.

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Meanwhile, Bruno Henrique played two matches with Rubro-Negror. Santos had no problem with Ronaldo and sealed his 11 shirt sale loan.

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