Monday , January 25 2021

Victor Ferraz says everyone was dismissed before the decision: "The best of the saints"

Victor Ferraz spoke about the victory of Red Bull Brazil (Djalma Vassão / Gazeta Press)

Last Friday, at a press conference, Captain Víctor Ferraz was responsible and ordered Red Bull's "Santos best version" on Saturday in Pacaembu, in the Paulista Championship quarter. The shirt's wage delay will not be guaranteed. And he worked.

The fish is overwhelmed by recent times and, with good football and great dedication, it ranks from 2 to 0 and was close to the finals.

"They're still not (they pay their wages), but I do not want to get that merit. It's the smallest thing today. It was important to play well, along the way. We understand that nothing is resolved, we must enter on Tuesday with our same attitude today. When I mentioned that, I knew that Santos Santos was the best need to win RB Brazil. If we played well, it was difficult, if we did not play that level, we would lose, "said Ferraz.

"As I said, it was a good thing to play because it was a tie, but it was not something we left in some games, we knew we were playing, we would not play RB Brazil, they were all caught, I heard a lot of players, both coaches , both from coaches, so we can play a great game and take advantage of it ".

Santo will perform on Sunday again at CT King Pelen. Fish will have a different chance of losing next Tuesday in Moisés Lucarelli until the final.

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