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When women drink at work hours, the judge authorizes Bruno to ensure maximum security

In the Minas Geral Prison Administrative Secretary, Bruno Fernandes de Souza, the former constable was sentenced for 20 years by Eliza Samudio, the mayor of the security peninsula, New Hungary, in La Concha, in the Metropolitan Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Area. Still Seap, this change will happen in the next few days. The Minas Gerais Court of Justice (TJMG) also confirmed the information.

Bruno was in the south of Varginha Minas Gerais, since April 2017, when he agreed to a local Boa Esporte, and moved to the city with his wife, but he was guilty of hearing justification and was seriously guilty about the passage of a female bar at work hours. He also lost the decision to achieve a semi-open regime in the year 2023.

The detainee was formerly accused of prosecution in the courts, consuming alcoholic beverages. Despite the acquittal of the current Disciplinary Internal Administrative Procedure (PAD), Judges Tarciso Moreira de Souza, the Constitutional Court, 1st and Varginha Criminal Executives have been prosecuted in the case of the Public Prosecutor.

During the out-of-work schedule, the two women showed Bruno the complaint that appeared in the report. On top of the table, there was a beer, but the video did not drink the goalkeeper. The report also shows a conversation between the concierge and two women's mobile app.

However, when the video was released, the Association for the Protection and Assistance of the convicted Varginha (Apac), when Bruno made an outer work, said that the jail used by prisoners is the knowledge of the association. Bruno works at a partner company, where he works on steel products.

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