Monday , May 29 2023

With Star Conmebol announces the Libertadores first final


On Friday, Conmebol announced the first match of Boca Juniors and River Plate at Bombonera on January 10th. And the first to choose the first match, Roberto Tobar, Chile, is 40 years old.

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He was the one in Buenos Aires between Boca and Palmeiras in the semi-finals where the Argentine won 2-0. Tobar offered five more games for the Libertadores, including Verdão's 2-0 victory over Boca, a group stage.

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The last game Tobar whistled, Fluminense made a 1-0 victory over Nacional on Wednesday in Uruguay, the South American cup quarter-finals. The Carioca team moved forward in the Montevideo triumph.

In addition to Tobar, the judges include: Christian Schiemann and Claudio Rios assistants from Chile, Peru's peruari Diego Haro, referee Julio Bascuñan and his assistants Piero Maza and Carlos Astroza are also Chileans as well as Observer Martins Vazquez, Uruguay.

The strange detail of the Conmebol document is the star that warns of the possibility of transferring to the final at Grêmio's request to reverse the return of the semi-final against River Plate.

The gaucho club claims that Marcelo Gallardo had committed a serious infringement, since he did not abandon the suspension imposed by Conmebol. From the gym stand the coach told the reserve bank. He also descended into the river locker in the match interval, which ended 2-1 victory over the Argentinians.

The Conmebol Disciplinary Court issues the case on Friday and the results will be announced on Saturday, at 12 noon (Brasilia).

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