Wednesday , July 6 2022

2037 new cases of coronavirus in our country


There are 2037 new cases of coronavirus in our country in the last 24 hours with 5,986 PCR tests. 996 have just been treated, 79 are dead, 516 are in the intensive care unit, according to the Unified Information Portal. Most of the new cases are in Sofia and Varna.

The National Vaccination Office said the coronavirus vaccine, which will begin after the new year, will be a precedent. The first doses will be enough to get 60 thousand people vaccinated. The vice chairman of the BMA Committee – Dr. Nikolay Branzalov – warned that vaccination will be a challenge.

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“We will start with 120,000 doses. That is, 60,000 people will be vaccinated at best. I say the best option is because the vaccine is given twice and it is an additional difficulty to find the same number of people who will respond in 21 days,” the BMA vice president explained.

Dr. Branzalov clarified that before the first phase of the vaccine begins, an examination will be conducted on who wants to be vaccinated. A study will be conducted when mass immunization among the population begins.

“We’ll all ask, but we don’t know who will answer and who we have to convince to do that, because it’s a way to fight. The vaccine has been tested for approval. I’m also willing to convince people to get vaccinated in your studio,” Branzalov said.

Pfizer reported a vaccine problem

The pharmaceutical company Phizer has announced that instead of the 100 million vaccines initially announced, it will produce half due to supply problems.

“Whoever creates the vaccine will have a problem. Bulgaria has expressed a desire for all producers,” Dr. Branzalov explained.

Meanwhile, the prime minister was asked to comply with the quarantine measures.

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